I don't remember these weeds in our gardens before but with all the rain we had this year may have just helped them out. I have pulled them before but the cycle is here.. pull .. rain .. grow grrrrr. Can anyone tell us what this begger is? I know we have vegiesout here but it will take some time. Thanks for any and all input.
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  • Trish Trish on Aug 16, 2013
    ggrrrrr I have tried to add photos but I can't seem to get them here.. they are a tiny pink/purple flower grouping the leaves are elongated and pointed with a black blotch in the center of each leaf and they seem to root at each leaf segment. If anyone can explain to me how to attach photos.....

    • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Aug 17, 2013
      @Trish Click on "edit" under your post. Then "add photos or videos" should appear. Upload them, then click "submit."

  • Trish Trish on Aug 24, 2013
    Thanks @Douglas Hunt .. I will try those steps again.. maybe this laptop was having a pouting moment

  • Trish Trish on Aug 24, 2013
    Thanks again @Douglas Hunt it worked. From what I have read I might be smartweed. We had an awful wet summer here for over a monthand I think them smartweeds just liked it here. NOW.. how do Imake sure they don't comeback next year. This year is the pull & throw movement.

    • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Aug 25, 2013
      @Trish Looks like you're right about the ID, especially if they are growing in a moist area.