My LG microwave

I had an over the oven LG installed 7 years ago. It has worked fine all these years but in the last few months I swear it's possessed. It will suddenly start humming like it wants to be cooking but its not, and nobody touched it. The turntable will be stationary, and the display that says things like cook or gives pm for the time will be out. The only way to stop it is to program a couple seconds of cook time and start, and when that finishes it goes off
Opening the door does not make a difference when its humming
I also think it doesn't cook as efficiently as it used to, Frozen meals are fine but raw potatoes seem to need a lot more time than they used to. This happens sporadically and never can tell what causes it. Replacement is not something we can afford and I am afraid that a repair call would be the cost of a replacement
its model LMV1630BB
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  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Jul 19, 2013
    It may be something as simple as switch that is going bad or it may be the early stages of the generator going bad. I had a lot of trouble with a LG dishwasher earlier this year and vowed to never own a LG product again. The customer service was horrible and they could not provide any service to my location. We ditched our larger counter top model a number of years ago and went with a very simple and smaller unit I mounted under a cabinet. The thing cost about $40 and has been working fine for a few years now. It does not see much use, the kids may heat up some milk for hot cocoa and I will defrost a few thing now and then.

  • Hamtil Construction LLC Hamtil Construction LLC on Jul 19, 2013
    Sounds like a service call is in order unfortunately. With appliances today, they just don't seem to stand the test of time. Just a thought if you can't afford a new unit that maybe a used micro hood on Craigslist would be an option?

  • Judith...If you or someone you know are handy, here's a site for a manual, parts or repair for your LG Microwave . If this fails, here's a site to find a local LG repair service . I always recommend to my clients that they never buy a combination like this just for the reason you've given. Hope you are able to resolve the issues or maybe it's simpler to buy a cheap microwave and stick it in the pantry...:)

  • Gail lichtsinn Gail lichtsinn on Jul 20, 2013
    Sounds like the magnatron tube might be going out..Unless you know its a switch I would NOT attempt this..Probably cost as much to fix as a good amount towards a new one instead..Mine has a label that says only qualified technichian open..Its there for a reason..I did repair a door switch THEN the magnatron tube went out a week later..I wont waste my time again or my money..all in all it cost me half the price of a new one that comes with a warranty