Need Advice On Filling In A Pothole

We have a very deteriorated blacktop driveway and in one section, there is what I would consider a pothole or depression that is very noticeable when you drive over it. I've tried filling it with gravel in the past but the gravel has been pushed out of the depression. Does anyone have any tips on what to fill the dip with that will stay in place?
q need advice on filling in a pothole, concrete masonry, curb appeal, home maintenance repairs, The gravel surrounding the depression is what I used to fill the hole Guess it didn t work
The gravel surrounding the depression is what I used to fill the hole. Guess it didn't work.
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  • Vintage Headboards Vintage Headboards on Dec 16, 2012
    Good evening Jeff - unfortunately unless the "fill" is affixed to the rest of the material used for the driveway it will eventually be pushed one way or another by the traffic going over it. The inexpensive solution would be #2 (as the base) then #1 (as the top layer) gravel. Otherwise you're probably looking at re-doing the drive in asphalt as it looks like it was at one time or in concrete.

  • Jeff C Jeff C on Dec 16, 2012
    Darn, was hoping I could get a decent temporary fix until then. The driveway needs to be completely redone anyways but that will happen when I win the lottery lol.

  • This looks too far gone. When the time comes to repave, remove all of the asphalt and base and over excavate a few inches, install a quality base material (at least 6") compact properly and pave. You driveway should last much longer.

  • I agree, from the photo the driveway is far to gone to attempt to patch anything on it. If money is tight, you may be better off simply having the top asphalt peeled off and new crushed stone applied over the entire thing. At least then it will not look so bad. There are companies that use milling from roads combined with some oils that can coat the driveway over and pack it down. This is a good short term fix, but not all companies are doing this type of work.

  • Jeff C Jeff C on Dec 17, 2012
    Thanks for the suggestions. I think I'll just have to suck it up and deal with having that depression in the driveway for the foreseeable future. The entire thing needs to be redone but it will be awhile before that happens.