New "dominant" male pooch in the house is on a Territory Peeep Mission

HELP.. We lost our Bosco several months ago. His son, is now out to mark his territory :-( What is the BEST way to remove urine smell from carpet? I have a steam cleaner, good one... but I tried commercial cleaners and not working? Ideas Anyone??
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  • There has been a ton of posts on this very topic. If you do a search on the top of the page for dog smells or odors you will be directed to them. But to save you a trip to the top, a black light is used to identify the locations of the urine it will glow a bright green. Then using a product called Natures Miracle you simply spray it on. This will destroy the enzymes that create the odor. Once done if you use the black light again, you will see that the green is all gone. Indicating you got all of it. Water and other liquids will simply wash the odors further down to the padding even more.

  • Ashley Lamb Ashley Lamb on Sep 13, 2013
    There is a product that I use as a staple in my household called Kids N Pets. It breaks down pet urine odors, and removes stains. I use it all over the house, and in the laundry. I have a cat that likes to pee on any clothing , blankets, towels etc. that get left on the floor, and it works great. I found it at Walmart.

  • Karen M Karen M on Sep 14, 2013
    Add "Nature's Miracle" to the steam cleaner - Or where ever you know the carpet has been marked - spray it on and let it dry. It is available at pet supply places - or Google it to find better prices on larger amounts. I have used this product for over 30 years and wish that I had opted to sell it!!! I'd be rich - and my carpeting would still smell like carpet! Look for a white bottle with red lettering - or a red spray bottle with white lettering. This clear liquid takes away cat accident odors like nothing else - just in case you have a cat. I have never heard of this product leaving any residue or changing the color of what it is sprayed on. Buy a gallon - it is worth every penny. We have had multiple Dobermans for years - and 2- 3 cats at the same time - you can't beat this stuff for pet stains too.

  • Shirley Smith-Tillman Shirley Smith-Tillman on Sep 14, 2013
    I do rescue and I have issues like this. natures miracle and then steam clean the carpet, then I put 1 cup vinegar and the rest water suction and then rinse with this and it takes it all Way

  • Barb Barb on Feb 09, 2016
    If none of these ideas work, it must have gotten into the carpet padding.