Old built-in hot tub.

We have a huge deck on the back of our house. And along with the deck is this hot tub, which no longer works. Did I mention it is built-in? I don't know how it was put in, (came with house), but it isn't coming out in one piece! Plus the huge hole it would leave in the deck. Money is tight, so fixing the tub, hiring to remove said tub, or repairing the deck once the tub is gone is just not happening right now. So what do I do with this tub? I was thinking water feature, but I don't want it to 'look' like a water feature made from a hot tub. Anyone? Ideas? Or has anyone already done this? Right now it has become the outdoor 'catch-all' and I'm not liking it at all! I want the deck to be a place to enjoy or become another 'room', not just steps to the backyard. Please help!
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