Old Linens

I want ideas to use and care for old linens. I have two boxes full that were given to me by a friend.
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  • Antoinette Garton Antoinette Garton on Jun 08, 2013
    If you have any "funky" patterned ones from the 50's or 60's, they make really cute tablecloths for the patio. If, however, you have the fancy stuff a summer bed spread, with the napkins sewn together for pillow cases or curtains.

  • Chris G Chris G on Jun 09, 2013
    there are plenty of products out there to care for older linens. I use the more natural products first. Baby soap flakes, baking powder for whites and a 1/2 c white vinegar ( for front loading machines in with the soap, for top loaders add after the tub has the water in it. For really tough stains, like whine, coffee etc; get the spot wet in a shallow amount of water, add 1/2 a polident tablet. It should lift most stains. If nothing removes the stain, try brewing tea and add the material to dye. Do not dry in the dryer, air dry the first time.

  • Chris G Chris G on Jun 09, 2013
    not whine, I mean WINE.