What's your opinion on this sofa?


Outdated or classic?

q opinion on sofa
q opinion on sofa
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  • Mar33652812 Mar33652812 on Feb 02, 2019

    i would have it recovered if you can fine a upholstery guy reasonable.

  • My vote is that I love it! I don't follow trends, they come and go and I do not have the luxury of an unlimited decorating budget. There are floral people and then there are non-floral people. It just depends on how you accessorize the rest of the room. I would keep as is and decorate the rest of the room around this piece.

  • Shore grandmom Shore grandmom on Feb 02, 2019

    I would keep it, the flower picture above it really helps to make it look good.

  • Cheryl A Cheryl A on Feb 02, 2019

    love the colors and with using accents colors for pillows and decor it should work great

  • William William on Feb 02, 2019

    Keep it. Maybe see how it looks without the apron. Prop it up revealing the feet. Decorate the room around it using some of the light to medium colors in the upholstery. A few solid pillows would work.

    • Sylvia Candler Sylvia Candler on Feb 02, 2019

      I agree with your idea about the apron. That's the only thing that makes the sofa look dated. Personally I love the floral motif and would add a much larger floral picture on the wall above the sofa. The one she has now is nice, just not to scale - too small in comparison to the size of the sofa. Keep the pic but put in a different part of the room as an accent piece.

  • Peggy L Burnette Peggy L Burnette on Feb 02, 2019

    I really love it. Lots of accent colors you can use for throw pillows or decor for the rest of the room.

  • Annie Annie on Feb 02, 2019

    Contrary to all others...I couldn’t live with it! Just a matter of taste.

  • Bev Bev on Feb 02, 2019

    I love the contrast of the light and dark... I'm in total agreement with the others, it's a beautiful look.

  • Anne Anne on Feb 02, 2019

    Depends where it's located.

  • CasualHomeStyle CasualHomeStyle on Feb 02, 2019

    This type and pattern couch is in all the wealthy homes that I frequent. This is the look and it never goes out of style! Look at HOUSE magazine, you see these couches all the time in there.

    Paint one wall flat black, add brushed gold tables, add shiny gold and white accents throughout the room, get yourself a stack of books tied up with some twine. Find some color in the room, from either curtains, rugs, or lamps and pick the color that has the least amount then go buy yourself some large pillows of that color you picked out in a bight color and line them up on the couch, 2 and 2. This is will break up the floral black couch some and the black wall will make it all pop and fit perfectly!

    Paint all the woodwork white, including windows. Keep 3 walls white, one black. Then take another couple of colors from the living room and make or buy new valances for the windows!

  • Nancy Mccartney Nancy Mccartney on Feb 03, 2019

    I love floral couches beautiful

  • Holly Lengner - Lost Mom Holly Lengner - Lost Mom on Feb 03, 2019

    I love it! You can always change the way the sofa looks by draping a pretty blanket on it and adding throw pillows. I would add new throw pillows - velvet would be great.