Painted porcelain bathtub

A bathtub in our 1939 home was painted, and the paint is now chipping, revealing pink mildewy spots. What's the best solution -- should we strip the paint or get a new bathtub? Is stripping the paint even possible or worthwhile?
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  • Peace Painting Co., Inc. Peace Painting Co., Inc. on Feb 22, 2012
    The most aggressive strippers will remove epoxy. It would be a very toxic and messy process, but it is an option. You would need to be suited up and wearing a professional respirator, and have a good back. It would take multiple steps/coats. Best, Charles

  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Feb 22, 2012
    check out these folks...I have used them in the past..

  • SawHorse Design Build SawHorse Design Build on Feb 22, 2012
    It sounds like you like in-town based on the age of the house. I would get a professional coating company to apply a new epoxy finish to the tub. They can even strip off the existing finish for you. The other option if to replace the tub which could involve tile repair as well. E-mail me if you would like the contact information for tub repairs.

  • Melissa G Melissa G on Feb 23, 2012
    Thanks. It sounds like refinishing is our best bet. I'll e-mail you and also take a look at Miracle Method.