Painting laminex

I want something that absolutely won't scratch. It must be hard-wearing. Have tried chalk paint but with 5 dogs who like to jump up to have a look, it just didn't make the grade.
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  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jun 10, 2013
    With 5 dogs, all you can do is train them not to jump up. Our lab does not get on furniture unless she has a "place" laid out for her. We use throws to designate her place. Nothing will take on 5 dogs that I know of. I am sure there may be people out there that can help you.

  • Shari Shari on Jun 10, 2013
    What is it that you need to paint, Suzanne?@ Laminate what?

  • Suzanne Brodie Suzanne Brodie on Jun 11, 2013
    Shari, thank you for your reply. I realised after posting that it was only half a question. It is my kitchen. It is very dated but still in great condition. I have tried chalk paint on one of the doors but it just scratches off (I have done lots of chalk paint furniture in the past with great success). The dogs do not run riot but it only takes one claw to scratch a cupboard. I appreciate your help. Suzanne

  • Shari Shari on Jun 11, 2013
    I have not used chalk paint myself but it is my understanding it either has to be waxed with a paste wax afterwards or sealed in some way. Otherwise, I think you run into the very problem you are describing. Even without dogs, a kitchen takes a lot of abuse because it gets used so much, There are plenty of kitchen painting tutorials on the internet or a local paint store like Sherwin Williams can help you select the right products for a long-lasting finish. Most tutorials I have seen say you must wash all the cabinets and doors down very thoroughly with something like TSP. Years of built up grease and grime will prevent even the most expensive paint and primer from sticking so the more you focus on the pre-painting prep, the greater chances the paint will hold up for the long haul. Sand (or use a de-glosser, liquid sandpaper product), apply a good quality primer, and then a good quality paint. Lots of work, for sure, but no doubt painting will give your kitchen a new lease on life. Good luck!

  • Suzanne Brodie Suzanne Brodie on Jun 11, 2013
    Thanks Shari. All my chalk paint projects have been sealed in wax which is a beautiful finish but obviously the laminex needs much more than wax.