Painting tin roof

Donna SteeberI painted my tin roof over my deck last year and it is peeling in clumps/chips and there seems to be no end to it.... and I have tried to remove it but it still just keep peeling more pieces an my deck looks horrid. Any suggestions?J
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  • Theresa Catherall-Taylor Theresa Catherall-Taylor on Jun 14, 2013
    paint thinner, be careful however. also when done power wash. you could also try the industrial hair dryer my mom and I when I was little used it to remove paint fe just about everything it will be more elbo freeze because you will also have to use a paint spatula to scrape at the same e

  • Donna Steeber Donna Steeber on Jun 14, 2013
    Thanks for the answers, but I'm still hoping for more ideas. I used a wire scrapper and strong power vacuum to catch some of the scrapings It is closed in and using a power washer would be impossible in this area. However the paint thinner I'll try but sounds like a big job. I should never have painted it but the boards going across were in the way so I just painted all of it.It did not start peeling until the Winter when it got so cold outside. Someone told me I need a special paint for tin.

  • Do not use any flammable chemicals for a larger area such as a roof. Fine if you are doing a small piece, but way to risky on doing something as large as a roof the size of a shed. If you cannot use a power washer, you need to chemically clean the metal and sand it with wet or dry sandpaper, This is the black stuff you find in the paint section. They also make sanding sponges as well, Choose a fine grit one to prevent any deep scratches.. Wire brush will not do the trick as you would think. Wire brushes on the end of a grinder acts like sand paper but again will remove to much and end up putting scratches on the metal. Wipe the metal down with TSP. Once done using a spray bottle of water and the sand sponge or the wet or dry paper, keeping the area wet sand until all gloss is gone and any loose paint is removed. Keep the sponge and or the sandpaper wet so it stays clean and not clog with paint dust. Once everything is dry, using the TSP again, wipe everything down and let dry. Once dry using RustOleum paint primer prime any and all spots that the metal was exposed due to the sanding process. Once those areas have been primed and have dried, Prime everything again to make the surface even. Let dry. Once dry use a color of your choice again RustOleum brand and carefully brush and or roll the new finish down. Let dry overnight and its ready to be enjoyed.

  • Linda Linda on Jun 15, 2013
    This last post sounds like good info. I don't know much about paint removal, but I do know that the success of paint application largely depends on preparing the surface beforehand.

  • Susan Susan on Jun 15, 2013
    I did the same thing and mine is peeling off too. Mine is galvanized steel and it was rusting is why I painted it. I used good paint.

  • Good point Kevin, Galvanized metal needs to be acid washed before any paint is applied. Or the pain will simply peel away. Clean the surface well, then us vinegar and flood the metal with it. Be sure to have LOTS of ventilation as the acid in the vinegar will overwhelm your breathing quite fast. Or you can purchase chemical acids to do the same thing. Once it has finished etching the metal, clean again and promptly prime and paint. As far as the steel if it was galvanized, it had to be pretty poor shape to rust. The galvanizing stops rusting which is why AC ducts are made of this as well as many products that see harsh wet/damp conditions.

  • Susan Susan on Jun 16, 2013
    All I know is that my roof is steel and not aluminum. We did clean it with bleach and water. I didn't know about the vinegar. Do you use the vinegar full strength? or diluted? Thanks for the comment. I couldn't find anyone that knew what to do.

  • If it is galvanized metal, full strength vinegar is used. Wet it down really well. It will react with fumes so be sure to have plenty of air and do not breath in! If the roof was painted I doubt it is galvanized metal. Normally galvanized metal is steel looking and used for smaller parts that would not hold paint well. But there are sheds that all galvanized as well. You will know as soon as the vinegar hits it. If no reaction, do not waste your time or money on doing the rest. If it is the liquid will begin to foam and give off gasses.

  • Judith Brunner Judith Brunner on Jun 16, 2013
    use a high pressure washer to do the job. wear a raincoat and goggles.. good luck