Potty Training a Dog

My neighbor has a beautiful yard of St. Augustine and several flower beds. He has the opportunity to get a 6 week oldboxer puppy. Is there a way to train adog to go outside in one spot? He islooking forward to having another dog, but hopes to avoid the yellow spotscaused by urination in his yard. Anyideas or suggestions??????
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  • Shari Shari on May 30, 2013
    Dogs do typically have a general bathroom area they will repeatedly return to but not necessarily the exact same spot. Male dogs, even when neutered, are more prone to urinating a little here and a little there as a way of marking their territory. Probably the only way to ensure the puppy uses the exact spot is to always walk it on a leash to the designated spot your neighbor wants the dog to use, rather than turning the dog loose in the yard to pick his/her own place. I have seen "potty rocks" which are suppose to entice the dog to urinate on it but since we have never tried one with any of the dogs we've owned, I can't say whether they actually work or not. I would think the success rate of a dog actually using a potty rock would be higher if you were training a puppy to use it vs. an older dog.

  • When young they can be taught to go on command. We had success with our pooch doing this. It takes a bit of time and dedication to get it right. Lots of praise and liver treats did it for us. But as Shari said, unless you're willing to leash the dog and take for walks, setting it loose in the yard will only result in a mine field over time.

  • Gretchen Colyer Gretchen Colyer on May 30, 2013
    Thank you for your input. So glad I asked because I never had heard of a potty rock. This might be something he would like to check out. I will definitely pass your info on to my neighbor.

  • Catherine Smith Catherine Smith on May 31, 2013
    We have a fenced off area for our dogs, not huge, but enough room to run and do their business. Since we've gotten older it was getting to be a major problem trying to walk them regularly. They didn't have any problem with the walk, but we did. LOL

  • Gretchen Colyer Gretchen Colyer on May 31, 2013
    Thank you Catherine. I know what you mean. I may have to try this with my next dog.