Primer to use with laminates

I purchased a nightstand at a garage sale. I It probably dates back to the 1960s and has a shiny laminate top. I plan on painting it, but first I need to prime it. How do I prep it and what is the best primer for this type furniture.
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  • Shabby Paints Shabby Paints on Jul 08, 2013
    If you use a Chalked based paint like Shabby Paints you won't need a primer. You will need two coats and that's it :) I paint them all the time..I find them a lot at estate sales :)

  • Junkgypsee Junkgypsee on Jul 08, 2013
    I tried chalk paint on glass and it eventually marred, so now I use a primer on any slick surface. You can use eco-friendly ones, and there are several now..but I'm cheap, so I just use Mod Podge!! xoxo

  • Gretchen Colyer Gretchen Colyer on Jul 08, 2013
    I have never attempted to use chalk paints, but I may have to try it. Mod Podge??? Interesting. Please tell me more.

  • Shabby Paints Shabby Paints on Jul 08, 2013
    @Junkgypsee all chalk type paints are different. I paint mason jars with no issues..did you seal it?

  • Junkgypsee Junkgypsee on Jul 08, 2013
    I just happened upon it out of desperation. I do a lot of upcycling...and work with glass quite a bit. I wasn't seeing the durability I wanted so I just tried it. I lightly sanded it after each coat to take the ridges out and it worked! I have used and made my own chalk paints for quite awhile and always seal them, but a nice bump or slide seemed to always mar it so I had to try something else. Mod Podge? Who knew? Yes, I see the painted Mason jars quite a bit and I have wondered how they kept them from marring. Maybe it's the type of glass? I've never tried Mason jars..just slick window glass and mirrors...I always seal with 2 coats of either Ce Ce's or Annie's.

  • Shabby Paints Shabby Paints on Jul 08, 2013
    We have a great resin in our paint. Why do you have to sand in between the their paint chunky or gritty? That isn't normal. I'm going to paint a mirror and put it through the test :) Easily holds to rusted metal :) I'll let you know how the mirror goes..we really strive to be the paint for everyone and everything. :)