Pruning Roses for the Winter

When is the best time to prune roses for the winter season? I have several and they are all looking a bit sickly, any advice?
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  • Diana R. Greene Diana R. Greene on Sep 28, 2013
    I prune in late fall.

  • i just wrote a post on pruning roses which might help. Check out my posts.

  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Sep 29, 2013
    You can prune out anything that looks like diseased canes now (or at any time), but I wouldn't do a major pruning now. You'll cause the plant to put out a flush of growth just when colder temperatures are arriving. Instead, do you major pruning in early spring.

  • Rhonda Rhonda on Sep 29, 2013
    I have been told many times by my Mastergardener friends to prune on Valentines.....perfect time and a good reminder!

  • JoAnn Porter JoAnn Porter on Sep 29, 2013
    I was told half way back in the fall and 18*on st.patricks,by the guy that owns the nursery.

  • Melisa Pommier Melisa Pommier on Sep 29, 2013
    late February and late August

  • Audra Partin Audra Partin on Sep 30, 2013
    It really depends on what part of the country your in. I'm in FL and you can prune pretty much all year. If you are where colder weather for the winter is, don't prune back to much, just enough to get the limbs that are not producing.

  • Laura Laura on Sep 30, 2013
    I was told on the January thaw 1/3 back. I did this for the first time last winter and my roses came up really nice, I live in s/e ohio