Question on spider bites

you have put different things on here like vinegar, baking soda, ect.. and what they are also used for other things as well. This general household product was also good for treating spider bites. Can you tell me what it was?
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  • Kayren Johnson Kayren Johnson on Aug 19, 2013
    Adolf's meat tenderizer possibly??

  • Barbara Barbara on Aug 19, 2013
    mix that Adolf's with a little water to make a paste and put on those spider bites.

  • GranArt GranArt on Aug 19, 2013
    Baking soda paste or Epsom salt paste (they work very well on bites, stings)... fyi: My mom always used vinegar on a sunburn. Talk about STINK!

    • Catherine Smith Catherine Smith on Aug 19, 2013
      @GranArt But the smell doesn't last that long and it sure does help take the ouch out of the burn. ^-^

  • Suzie Suzie on Aug 19, 2013
    Meat tenderizer for sure...espcecially scoripon tags

    • Larose LoganOakes Larose LoganOakes on Aug 20, 2013
      @Suzie Hi Suzie! We here in Northern VA have what is called Cricket spiders and they bite. I had a brown spot on top of my foot for two years where I got bit by one in my basement laundry room. They are hard to kill as they can jump really far and fast. They multiply like rabbits and they are almost impossible to get rid of. I do not know if the meat tenderizer would work on these bites or not. I went to the doctor because I did not know what had happened.I wanted to get it checked out before I went out of town. He showed me to two fang holes where I was bitten. He gave me some rx to use so that it didn't get infected.They are really weird looking.

  • Mary Mary on Aug 20, 2013
    I heard that a little drop of clear nail polish on the bite would stop the itching. I haven't tried it, however. I'm not sure how safe that would be too... Has anyone heard of that?

  • Suzie Suzie on Aug 20, 2013
    hmmm...don't know what to say about that...before I move in anywhere and at least twice a year I bomb my house, but then I don't like recluses or other killers inside, tey can stay outside and we won't have an issue...inside my casa you die!!