I have been having problems with roses for years.Some green lettle insects get under leafs and eat everything!!!Leafs get black spots than holes.....
I spent so much money on sprays and everything else that kills insects......but nothing works!!!
I did everything !!!!
Someone told me to get knockout roses......I did....and I have the same problem!!!!
I heard not long ago about coffee grind....I'm working on that .....still I can't tell if that helps.
Please,please,help me!!!!
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  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Jun 28, 2013
    Coffee grounds may make your roses somewhat happier, Edna, but they won't do anything about insects or black spot. Black spot is a fungus that will overwinter in your soil unless you are scrupulous about removing all the damaged and fallen leaves throughout the season, and that you prune out diseased parts of the plant. You may want to give heirloom roses a try. They're generally much more disease-resistant and require less maintenance than their more modern descendants.

  • Dianne L Dianne L on Jun 29, 2013
    Sounds like aphids...if you haven't tried Bayer rose and flower spray (active ingredient is imidacloprid), i'd recommend it..Under $5 at Lowes. This kills on contact and is also systemic; the roots absorb it and continue protection for about a month. I just used this on my entire garden last night as the bugs were getting thick; I get the concentrate and use a garden sprayer. Takes care of the aphids, japanese beetles and spittlebugs too. Rainproof within an hour which is a help this year!

  • Edna Edna on Jun 30, 2013
    Thank you Douglas and Dianne!