Somethings killing blacked eyed susans

when i looked at them today, the tops had black on the leaves, I've had them for five years, and never any problems. i than looked at the base of the plant, and there was foamy looking stuff. it looked like soap foam. can anyone tell me what this is, and how i could possibly get rid of it. i don't want them to die..i will try to get a picture
somethings killing blacked eyed susans, gardening
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  • Renee F Renee F on Jun 11, 2013
    Would love to hear from someone on this as all of mine have turned black also. Heartbroken!

  • 360 Sod (Donna Dixson) 360 Sod (Donna Dixson) on Jun 11, 2013
    It is difficult to tell from the picture. Does it look like there is webbing?

  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Jun 12, 2013
    White foam like that usually makes me think of spittlebugs, which can usually be controlled with a good blast of water. On the other hand, black leaves on rudbeckia make me think of fungus.

  • Linda Linda on Jun 12, 2013
    looks like a milky-spore type fungus .. try googling milky and see what you end up with ... Other than that, try a local botanist place ... or arboretum .. they might know. Good luck.

  • It also looks like a fungus to me. Once you get rid of it (as per some professional advice), you may want to thin the clump a bit by cutting out every third stem. That way there is better aeration through the plant which will deter this from happening again. I do this with my phlox and it helps keep down the mildew which usually grows on them.

  • Darlene Mapes Darlene Mapes on Jun 12, 2013
    I had this happen to mine last year. One day they were fine the next they looked all black and mill dewy. I cut them off as I didn't want them to infect my other plants. This spring they are coming back up and the leaves look healthy so we will see.

  • Lynne Lynne on Jun 12, 2013
    looks like foamy webbing, thank you so much for helping me, last year i moved to another house and i dug them up, and they tripled in size. they were a gift. again thank you

  • Judy Judy on Jun 13, 2013
    If it looks like soap suds it's probably spittlebugs. Does it look like this? Spittlebug (Froghopper) larvae make this foamy stuff. Just hose them off. The black on the leaves is a whole different matter & pics of it are needed.

  • Karen Goddik Karen Goddik on Jun 13, 2013
    I agree with Douglas and Judy the foamy stuff is spittle bugs. Just give a good drink of water to the plants and the spittle will be gone. Black stuff sounds like black sooty mold but a picture is worth a thousand words in describing it. I have a lot of black eyed susans, live in the the northwest and have never seen the black on the leaves so I am intrigued. Keep us posted with a picture.

  • AmericanWoman AmericanWoman on Jun 13, 2013
    I planted 16 Black-Eyed Susans last year. They never came up.

  • Nancy Hand Nancy Hand on Jun 13, 2013
    If it looks like someone spit on your plant its Spittlebug. Spray them off with a squirt from your hose. :)

  • Lynne Lynne on Jun 13, 2013
    thanks again for all the help, i found a site on the net that recommended spray with a milk solution, since the back on the leaves is a fungus, and the milk is a fungicide. it sure is nice having so many helping