Sunlight over the garden

Hi, I'm wondering if the plants get enough sun with 1/8" hardware cloth? I tried some tulle but the plant did not do well. It was a hanging tomato planter and I was trying to keep the squirrels worked to keep them away but the plant expired.
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  • Riggs Laughlin Riggs Laughlin on Jun 01, 2013
    What have you done on that when you see that occurring...?

  • Gail Terkelsen Gail Terkelsen on Jun 01, 2013
    remove the tulle; the squirrels didn't touch them! Maybe my intervention wasn't necessary.

  • Gail Terkelsen Gail Terkelsen on Jun 06, 2013
    Thanks for the answers, but I'm still hoping for more ideas. Can you get enough sunlight using the hardware cloth? The netting that I got at the store is OK but the fruit grows around it in places.