toy storage

I want to use diaper boxes and redo them so they do not look cheap. anyone else do this can you send pics . I covered it with tore up paper bags and glues it and let it dry want to paint it and use a spray chalk board paint to label it. will post pics. Thanks
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  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Mar 06, 2013
    Sounds like a nice re-use project. But I'm a bit worried about the durability of a "cardboard" box. It would be a shame to put in all if that work to have it get trashed in a few weeks time. some folks here have used "free" pallet wood to build some projects. Have you ever done any woodworking?

  • Leilani Leilani on Mar 02, 2015
    I had the same idea for all of my really thick & sturdy boxes that my diapers were delivered in. I dressed mine up with patterned contact paper that had a sticky back. I just "wrapped" it like a present and used coordinating tape (ie masking, duct, or washi) to seal the edges and make it look like decorative trim. Didn't take long at all and the roll of contact paper only cost me $5.50 and the tape was another $2. So for under $10 I was able to re-purpose what I already and create usable storage. It's been 9 months of daily use and they still look great

  • Patty Rellergert Peiffer Patty Rellergert Peiffer on Mar 04, 2015
    I have covered large boxes with burlap you buy by the yard. I think I used hot glue to adhere it to the boxes.