True Venting over stove

Ok, I have the typical microwave over the stove that just stirs air up. Not vented to outside. This is probably silly question, but can the micorwave really be vented to the outside. It is on an outside wall. There are the typical little cabinets above it. Our house is an open plan and would like to really be able to vent.the smells out when cooking.
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  • Betty pretty much every micro can be vented to the outside. Most come with conversion kits just for that very reason. The way it is done is the micro comes down, the fan unit is removed and turned 45 degrees so it vents out sideways instead of up into the top of the unit where it exits out those vents along the top. Then a 3 x 10 pipe with a vent hood and back-draft damper is installed on the outside of the house exactly where the fan is now facing when the micro is re-installed. The conversion kit that comes with just about every microwave has the template where to cut the wall so everything lines up. In your case I doubt you have the necessary stuff to convert as this comes with the unit when its first opened up when purchased. So you need to get the model, and make of the unit and hit the appliance store and purchase this kit. A good quality handy person should be able to do this for you in about four hours time.

  • The other way is to keep burning dinner and have your better half take you out to dinner. :)

  • Betty Betty on Nov 28, 2012
    I like that answer. Actually I like both answers.

  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Nov 28, 2012
    Another option that "helps" is to upgrade the filter...most come with a simple metal mesh that tends to collect grease and can often get a charcoal filter that will actually remove some of the smells. but as Woodbridge mentioned venting to outside would be the best.

  • Sharron W Sharron W on Nov 28, 2012
    @Woodbridge Environmental You crack me up, that's the best answer I've heard today... LOL I have the Microwave "over the stove" and hubby did vent it when he put it in...the problem is I don't LIKE it over the stove I don't think it does nearly as good a job of venting as my old Vent a, I would really like the mircowave not to be over the's too tall for me to use and clean without getting a I hope to address that if and when I get to think about new cabinets.

  • Designs by BSB Designs by BSB on Jan 03, 2013
    Im with you @Sharron W ! Microwaves over the stove should be the absolute last resort.. they are unsafe (bottom of microwave should never be higher than 48") and very unpractical. Id give up valuable counter space to avoid it at all possible cause! Their fan/motors are nothing to brag about even when vented.

  • Sharron W Sharron W on Jan 03, 2013
    @Designs by BSB LAST resort!!! Yep, Great Minds think alike!

  • I have a micro over my stove. However, what I did was to install a outside wall mounted vent fan used in larger kitchen hoods. I then removed the fan inside the microwave itself. Then using the wires that fed the inside fan no longer there I attached them to a control relay that powered the much larger fan motor on the outdoor unit. This resulted in great odor and smoke draw from the microwave hood, plus almost no noise. It was a bit of a chore figuring out the wire relay but once that was done, the rest was a snap!

  • Sharron W Sharron W on Jan 03, 2013
    Safely using and cleaning a microwave that is over my head is my issue, as much as the less than satisfactory venting...I mean a bowl of hot soup, if spilled is going to burn a lot of me because it's above my head to begin with...I just don't think that's a good plan for a shorter person...

  • Sharron W, time to go to home talk and learn how to build a step stool! lol