Tub has slow leak. Would like to fix myself!

I have a standard tub with a standard lever drain stopper. It has a slow leak which I'd like to try to fix myself. Any advice on what I should look for when I unscrew the lever? Thanks very much!
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  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Sep 02, 2012
    A normal tub overflow / level rig moves a tube like plug in front of the horizontal "tee" that comes from the drain..most of the problems with this have to do with hair balls limiting the full movement of this plug. the lever assembly may or may not have a backer plate that holds it in place. The backer plates keeps the upper outside part of the overflow in place. If that gets moved you may loose the gasket that seals everything. You may have better luck getting one of those drain cleaner tools that looks like a bunch of arrow heads all stacked up...using that from the tub drain may clear the hair balls enough for the lever to work properly. the tool is called a zip it http://zipitclean.com/

  • Miriam Illions Miriam Illions on Sep 02, 2012
    Looks like KMS has you covered, but I remembered a post I saw here a while back that might hep as well: http://www.hometalk.com/194017/how-to-fix-a-bathtub-leak-for-under-20

  • if your talking about the tub loosing water here is what you need to do. Take the two screws off of the lever/overflow handle. Once removed you carefully pull the handle and ring out. As you do this a wire will also pull out. Attached to that is an adjustment device, threaded rod of sorts, Then at the end is a brass or plastic plug. Once pulled out you need to flush water down the drain. As KMS said hair, soap and gunk can prevent that plug from moving back and fourth which opens and closes the stopper. Once you have successfully flushed the drain, replace the stopper and assembly back into place. If by chance that does not stop the slight leak, pull the assembly back out again, and turn the adjustment threaded rod just a few turns to make the length just a bit longer overall. Two turns at a time only. Then replace the assembly once again and test it. If you adjust it to much the stopper will not stay open and the tub will drain slowly. It just takes a few tries to get it right. But before you do any adjustments, clean the drain. Once it is working properly, be sure to tighten the screws tightly on the handle/vent assembly. This has a gasket behind the tub that assures that no water should the tub overfill drip out the back.