TV placement

I intend hanging a wall flat plasma in my dining room on one of the walls, as I cant go upstairs easily to my Av room, having early RA. I have 2 wicker armchairs I intend to use when viewing. Any ideas/photos of placement, wall height, distance to share please?
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  • The height of the TV is determined by the height your planning to be when watching it. The ideal placement should be your eye level should be placed at the bottom of the top third of the screen. An adjustment for the angle can allow the TV to be set at a higher level and then pitched so it appears to be the proper height without having to mount it lower. With some higher end sets, if your at an angle when viewing the screen appears to be darker this is the reason why height and angles are so important. as far as distance. This is also important, however the size of the screen determines that distance. We have a 60" set in living room and according to the install they said to sit around 10 feet away. However our room layout keeps us around 18 feet away and it looks fine. I assume it all has to do with the theater experience where the screen there fills most of your vision when watching a movie. The same would occur if I was to sit that close to the TV as suggested by the manufacture.

  • LandlightS LandlightS on Oct 01, 2013
    With the set being a plasma, be sure to pick a wall that does not get direct sun light. Other than that, follow Bobs' advise as to height. Gary

  • Karemjeat Sidhu Karemjeat Sidhu on Oct 03, 2013
    Thanks Gary that was very helpfull