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I have a Roper top load washer that is a little more than a year old. The problem is it stopped running the other night at the spin cycle. I removed the clothes and water and tried it again and only got a humm. I can add water to it but don't seem to have anything else. Please help. By the way it is plug in and nothing is cloded as per the ideas on some of the parts websites
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  • What Model number is it that you have? Knowing this can help us figure out. Everything else we tell you is simply memory jogs to perhaps make you think for other things then you might not have already thought of before. The washing machine built these days have all sort of bells and whistles to drive the drum. The transmissions that change positions which tell the drum what to do such as agitate, or spin etc quite often fail. This failure can be something as simple as a loose wire that came off or a broken spring. These transmissions use a clutch system that utilizes a magnet to engage the drum. Once the transmission is electrically put into the mode such as wash, spin etc the clutch engages and connects it to the drum. If the clutch has failed, the drum will not move. If the transmission has failed even if the clutch works nothing will happen as well. The humming noise can be a jamb in the transmission, such as being halfway between agitate and spin, or the power side is moving as it should and the clutch is not engaging so the hum is everything but the drum moving. If your handy. Real handy you can fix this yourself. But you must take the machine out and away from the wall and open the back up to see what if anything is moving when the spin cycle turns on. When you pull the machine out away from the wall look around on the floor for broken parts. Castings break, springs break and had any of this occurred you will find these parts on the floor. Does the machine work in any of the other cycles? If is does and not the spin this would make be think its the switch that controls the cycles of the system. Depending on the type you have, electronic or mechanical your issue may be there. There is just to many things that can be wrong and answering it is impossible without knowing more about your machine.

  • Brenda D Brenda D on Jan 15, 2012
    sounds like a draining problem. recheck if it is draining out of the hose properly.

  • Bill C Bill C on Jan 15, 2012
    to Woodbridge Environmental, the model number of the Roper machine is RTW4440VQ2

  • Check out this web site. http://www.repairclinic.com/Washing-Machine-Troubleshooting?red=Washing-Machine-Repair-Help#itdoesntspin This may help you. If you scroll down a bit on the page it provides some answers for trouble shooting top load machines. I did notice when I did some research that the gear unit seemed to be quite available meaning that this may be an issue with this machine quite often. Normally when one does a search on issues with an appliance, the most complained about part seems to show up first when doing research on this. i will look around some more for you, but it at least gets you started.

  • Bill C Bill C on Jan 16, 2012
    Don't do this repair, put the washer on its side and tapped the transmission case with a rubber mallet, uprighted the machine and it worked.

  • Thats good news. So the transmission is sticking. I would expect this to happen again. As the unit ages so does the wear and tear on the unit. You may want to consider upgrading this washer and sell this one while its still working for you.