Water hoses

There are so many flexable water hoses on the market now , has any one tried the kind that wont kink ?? I am tired of my water hoses kinking . Thanks .
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  • Tanya Peterson Felsheim Tanya Peterson Felsheim on Jul 14, 2013
    My brother bought 2 of them loves them but they are very short and he didn't like that.

  • No, but they look interesting. I tried the spiral type and they were a joke, very disappointing.

  • I purchased 2 of them from Walmart. I purchased the 50' length and love them. They are lightweight and shrink back up when you turn the water off. The trick is keep the valve on the hose shut until it fills with water, then open the valvue. Read the instructions that come in the back and they work fabulously. I have not had any issues with holes or anything going wrong with the hose. I live in the country and they have been run over and dragged through rough terrain. (No city grass here) If you get them at Walmart and don't like they you can always take them back.

  • Dorothy Dorothy on Jul 14, 2013
    Walmart is selling the 25' extension, this is a replacement for me. The connections are made of plastic so u have to handle carefully.

  • I bought one of the pocket hoses and I love it! It is so nice being able to handle the hose to put back on the hose hanger without tangling and trampling the plants. It doesn't stay that pretty green very long though and you have to empty it before putting it away. I will not have conventional hoses again"!

  • Vincent Plumbing Vincent Plumbing on Jul 15, 2013
    Purchased the first one and split in first 2 days. Purchased a second on for different area - split within 2 weeks. No kinks however... had to go back to old style.

  • Lydia Whitehead Torres Lydia Whitehead Torres on Jul 15, 2013
    We loved our until my dear husband accidentally ran over it. It had full water pressure in it and he ran the tire of the riding mower on top of it. It burst and cannot be repaired. They are light weight, easy to use and perfect for our travel trailer. Just don''t run over it when it is full of water. LOL

  • TJ TJ on Jul 15, 2013
    I am always on the hunt for a kink-free hose. We have some now but can't remember the brand but they have been very good but expensive.