Water mixer valve

What is involved in replacing a water mixer valve? This is a shower valve that is causing warm to hot water to come out of the kitchen faucet. Any help would be appreciated.
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  • Hamtil Construction LLC Hamtil Construction LLC on Aug 21, 2013
    Not following. An issue with the shower valve is causing hot water to leak from the kitchen faucet? Can you elaborate a little more?

  • Mic M Mic M on Aug 22, 2013
    I mean, when you turn on cold side, warm water comes out. Even laundry machine on cold/cold setting comes out warm. Had new water heater installed and called him,and he said a water mixer valve is bad. We've had water pipe banging in shower so he thinks that is where water mixer valve is bad. Had a water arrestor(?) put in 4 years ago to fix that problem, but banging is back again, so that is what I'm trying to understand. Does that help?

  • I assume your hot water heater is part of the boiler that heats the house? If that is the case, then who ever installed the new heater did something wrong. Mixing valves or anti-scald valves should not be effecting the cold side of the domestic water system at all. If this is the case, then something was not properly piped. Any other anti-scald device such as a shower should not be back filling into the cold water side. Do you have a photo of the suspected valve? Posting that may help with a better answer.

  • Mic M Mic M on Aug 23, 2013
    Not on a boiler system, and this problem just started 2-3 weeks ago.W/heater was installed in Feb. Does shower banging have anything to do w/problem? Just want to be able to talk with plumber when I call one.