We had a slab poured to wet and to big how long do you think it will take to dry

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  • Hi Nicholas, Typically it takes 24 hours to dry (enough to walk on) but up to a month to cure. What makes you think it's too wet? Did you pour it yourselves or have a professional do it? And why is it too big? Thickness/ length or width?

  • Paul M Paul M on Feb 16, 2012
    Technically concrete never dries it has a chemical reaction and sets. If it completely dries it will fail. With that said the size will not affect curing, and wetness will only affect initial hardness. It takes concrete a long time to reach its full strength and begin to degrade. Excess water will only slow the initial cure strength. The long term strength will not be affected. "Portland cement is a hydraulic cement which means that it sets and hardens due to a chemical reaction with water. Consequently, it will harden under water." http://www.cement.org/basics/concretebasics_faqs.asp

  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Feb 17, 2012
    Nic...its been a bit since the big slab was poured...how does it look?...can you post some pics

  • Nicholas S Nicholas S on Feb 23, 2012
    ok he said it was a 6 mix and they put visqueen so it could nt drain that well and we had a lot of rain Ill send you some pics saturday. Thanks