What are your favorite DIY projects?

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  • K S K S on Apr 21, 2018
    So many to choices... There's a "want to try that" button to store very favorites 🐾

  • Emily Emily on Apr 21, 2018
    We have done a lot in our old house and with our interests and activities. For instance my husband just got done reviving an old bike to sell at an annual bike sale we have here. Unfortunately most of our household projects took place before there was a hometalk. I have done quilting, decoupage, sewing (a lot) wallpapering, painting. My husband is an artist/sculptor so we have a house full of art work. He also does printing, printmaking, airplane model making, half hull model making, has made a violin and many bows for archery. We also have access to many free things at our town transfer station, all kinds of wooden things, kitchen things, china. This is a very recent project. I'll write more, we have to deliver the bike!

  • Anything that can be done in a few hours to a weekend - time is a precious commodity and I have frighteningly little of it.