what does black sooty mold look like?

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  • 3po3 3po3 on Aug 22, 2012
    Like this, depending on which plant you're talking about. Here is a document from your Cooperative Extension folks with more information about it: http://baker.ifas.ufl.edu/Horticulture/documents/BlackSootyMoldonLandscapePlants.pdf

  • If your speaking about mold in a home, Picture a velvet painting. Mold is not really black at all. It is really a very dark green. Its growth is such that it absorbs light in such a fashion that it appears to be black. Therefore the name, Black Mold. Also if it is in your home, you have two issues to be concerned about. 1. The Mold. 2. The moisture that caused this to grow. Forget about colors, or all the hype that is talked about. It does not belong there. It needs to be removed. Depending upon how much is present and your particular personal effects of mold exposure. It can be removed by the average homeowner. Lots of folks will tell you to use bleach to clean it. Unless it is growing on cement, tile or some other hard surface such as those. Bleach will do very little in removing the mold. In fact it may make issues worse. As some of the mold spores that are combined with others in the mix may be keeping some of the worse spores in check. And the bleach may only remove those that are preventing the worse types from spreading. Moisture. As I said mold needs moisture to develop. It also needs air and food source. We can really only control the moisture as we cannot keep the air away nor can we build with materials that will not support mold growth, So moisture becomes what we work with. Leaks must be fixed, excessive humidity trapped in crawl spaces, basements or attics must me lowered. This should be part of the process of the removal. Removing mold is easy, it is the prevention that is not. Normally we suggest that if the mold is covering an area larger then four square feet in size, that you get professional guidance on removal. If you need names of people in your area to assist you in this. Let me know and I will provide you with some names of some folks in the Orlando area that can assist you.

  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Aug 23, 2012
    I think Shirley is referring to sooty mold on plants. Fortunately, I have never seen it as bad as in that picture Steve posted. It usually looks like black spots on the leaves. Unlike mold in a house, it is usually only a cosmetic problem.