what is needed to repair a a metal corrugated roof...has leaks that is coming thru the ceiling inside..

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  • Depends on where the leaks are coming from. If the screws that are used on some types of metal roofs have failed, then replacing these should stop the issue. When replacing them you must also use a little sealant under the rubber washer for a little more protection. If the standing seams are leaking, then you can use a good quality sealant designed for metal. If the roof has rust, you need to replace it. Patching it can be risky and quite often then not will begin to leak in short order. Last note, when walking on metal roofs, place a ladder from ridge to soffit. and walk on rungs. Or place a 2x8 or 10 with strips of wood nailed to it to prevent slipping down the wood. You really do not want to walk on the metal directly as this can cause it to bend which will open up other holes in the seams and the roof is quite slippery as well.

  • Ultimum Tech Ultimum Tech on Jan 26, 2012
    well make sure there arent lines of water. to fix it make sure to NOT use nails or screws. just hottart. you can found it in home depot

  • Euroshake Euroshake on Feb 07, 2012
    Check out the screw rubber for rot as well as the boots for vents. If the leak is in the field recommend a quality elastomeric coating such as Rapid Roof

  • Post us a pic so we can see what you are talking about. Great post as usually Bob. There can be a bunch of different causes and solutions for your problem