Where should we get our hardwood?

My husband and I are building a new home. We had selected Bellawood Brazilian Teak from Lumber Liquidators but have now come upon so many bad reviews about the product and both companies. We need to purchase something within the month. Can anyone recommend a good product? We're located in Canton, GA. Also, we had planned to do prefinished but are concerned about gaps. Would it be better to buy unfinished and then have the finished done on-site. Any opinions on prefinish vs unfinished would be greatly appreciated too.
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  • We have heard good things about the value of Mullican hardwoods - they have solid, engineered and unfinished styles. You can also order samples online. As we do hardwoods as part of an entire remodel, we often have to match what is existing in other areas of the home so I don't recall recent personal experience with Mullican. However, our Hometalk pal KMSWoodworks would be our recommended resource for this question!

  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Jan 17, 2012
    Stacy...I have used the bellawood products in many installs. And have found it to be a decent product. 3 1/4" full 3/4 thick is one of my favorites to install...its wider to look good and goes down well. Brazilian Teak also know as Cumaru and is very hard (janka 3540 pounds) personally I'm a bigger fan of of Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry) which has a lighter janka rating (2350) I prefer the deeper reds and browns...It is still plenty durable and the lighter Hardness compared to cumaru allows for an easier install. When woods become too hard they tend to pose install issues ( ie: pre-drilling like in Ipe and Cumaru decking) Oak by comparison is only janka 1290 or so Any prefinished floor will have bevel spaces between the boards...this bevel varies by the manufacturer. For a perfectly "flat" floor a sand in place product is the only real solution. The biggest benefit to prefinished is speed and the ability to use the floor right after it is installed...plus there is no saw dust from sanding and the smell of finishing. From a durability point most prefinished floors out perform most in home finishes short of the Cat finishes. I installed 5" wide sand in place Jatoba in my 650 sq ft master, I finished it with linseed oil...this is a light finish and would not hold up in high traffic areas. As with any floor a few weeks (months) of acclimatization will result in a better install. http://www.networx.com/article/exotic-wood-floor-finishes-you-havent-s

  • Pat C Pat C on Jan 17, 2012
    I purchased Casa de Colour's Walnut Hickory from Lumber Liquidators for my condominium and just love the look. There were a couple odd looking lengths (mottled color) in the wood, which my installer put in the closet. I just love the end result and the warmer tone. It also seems to be holding up well. As with your experience, the reviews of the product were some positive and others negative, but I proceeded with the purchase because this was the color I wanted and it was within my price range. It all turned out great. http://www.lumberliquidators.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=7939 I guess I'm just saying is to give it a chance if the the greater percentage of reviews are positive. Good luck.

  • Designs by BSB Designs by BSB on Jan 17, 2012
    Onsite finishing also has the advantage the stain and sealer will seap into seams. Tight finish.

  • We have a wide variety of hardwoods available from site finished to pre-finished, nail or glue down!! I specialize in working with builders and remodelers and their clients helping them with selections of all types of flooring and would be happy to help!

  • SawHorse Design Build SawHorse Design Build on Jan 21, 2012
    We use Moda for our flooring since they provide a warranty on the install.