Why is it after I paint (using satin finish) that if I wipe off handprints that it leaves it glossy in that area?

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  • 3po3 3po3 on Feb 27, 2012
    Do you mean right after painting? And what are you using to wipe off the prints?

  • Peace Painting Co., Inc. Peace Painting Co., Inc. on Feb 28, 2012
    Either it's a soapy chemical that you used while cleaning that was left on the surface or, most likely, you have polished the paint smooth and made it more shiny by rubbing too hard. This could be avoided in the future by using a top-line paint that cleans easier or doesn't mark as easily. 'Aura' by Bennie Moore or 'Duration Home' by Sher-Wms. are good ones. Best, Charles

  • My guess is rubbing too hard. What have you been cleaning it with...and what brand of paint?

  • Christina H Christina H on Feb 29, 2012
    im not rubbing hard I use a sponge with water. I use a name brand from Menards...I'd have to find the paint can to tell you

  • 3po3 3po3 on Feb 29, 2012
    Could be residue on the sponge. Do you get the same thing with paper towels?

  • Christina H Christina H on Feb 29, 2012
    Thanks Steve...I appreciate your time..I will try it