Wooden chair legs

I have a few wooden kitchen chairs that I have tried to repair . The legs keep coming apart from each other on the chair. I have tried different glue and a lg vice to hold it. Does not work. Ready to put a nail through,but will splinter. need help before someone falls!
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  • Kim Kim on Aug 12, 2013
    If the holes are bigger then the wood going in them you could try taking a toothpick and putting it with the stretcher, if the hole is bigger then that try 2 or more with the wood glue or use something like a popsicle stick and then break it off

  • Sia@South 47th Sia@South 47th on Aug 12, 2013
    Hi @Judy Yoder Do you have a picture that you can post of where the legs are coming apart? This would be so helpful for us to give you the best advice we can. If you need help with posting a pic, no worries, just ask here and @Yair Spolter is great at walking you through the process. Or email me and I'll help you. xoxox

  • Judy Yoder Judy Yoder on Aug 31, 2013
    I will try to have pic up soon. 4 legs and 1 cross bar at each of 2 legs. Fits in nicely but does slip out while sitting and no, no one is very heavy.

  • Judy, try gorilla glue. If you have the time to hold the chair in place while the gorilla glue sets and it expands so a little goes a long way. Wood glue works if the chair has been sanded and cleaned from any glues or other substances. Make sure to scrape out any residue before you re-glue. good luck. And if you do want to add a nail or screw for further stability, then you need to drill a hole before you put a screw or nail. Good luck

  • Spheramid Enterprises Spheramid Enterprises on Sep 05, 2013
    As a rule, glue won't stick well to old dried glue. I take the chair completely apart and clean off all mating surfaces, then re-assemble with new glue, and what ever clamps arrangement you can find, often rope wound around with a toggle stick can be a simple way. Bar clamps tend to not work due to the angles. But try, to not use nails or screws, it mostly ruins any attempts for future repairs. The one other trick is use a patch of fiberglass or alum. window screen on the rung ends to make up for sloppy fit. Avoid epoxy or other permanent glues, they are not reversible and also thwart any future repairs, and they WILL need future repairs. Chairs take a beating.