Rental Properties-What I Wish Someone Told Me

Hi Everyone,
I don't know if Hometalk was setup to accommodate those of us who have rental property questions but if you're interested in how to get started in this endeavor my most recent blog post deals with the topic. I thought it would be helpful to mention in case you're all interested. Let me know via Hometalk or a comment on the blog post. Have a great morning!
Rodin's Thinker-Maybe he's wondering about rental properties :)

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  • Home Repair Tutor Home Repair Tutor on May 21, 2012
    Thanks for the comment. I'm small potatoes compared to you guys. I've learned a lot of great tips on handyman projects and tenant management. It's always interesting.

  • Dyanne Dyanne on Apr 03, 2013
    No, I am small potatoes to everyone! I have one house that is paid for. Thank you very much! I wanted to help others who needed a decent place to live for an affordable rate. Well you can guess what has happened to me. Yep! Terrible renters. I will take any suggestions and ideas on improving the looks of my house.