10 Products That Will Make Your Home Smarter and Safer

We know there’s a lot going on in your daily life, so how does one less thing to worry about in your busy life sound? How about ten? These ten Amazon products will help give you some peace of mind. Check them out!

Wireless Garage Door Opener

You no longer have to drive all the way back home just to check that you’ve closed your garage door. With this smart garage door opener, you can open and close your garage from anywhere using your smartphone. Receive notifications about any garage door activity, and schedule it to close at a specific time at night so you can sleep soundly.

Smart Lock

Never fumble for your keys again. Install a smart lock on your door. It easily attaches to your existing single cylinder deadbolt lock on the inside of your door, so you could continue using the keys you already have. With built-in Wi-Fi, you could lock and unlock your door from anywhere, and it will automatically unlock when you get home and lock when you leave.

Indoor Security Camera

Monitor the inside of your home day and night no matter where you are. Get alerts on your smartphone whenever motion is detected, and check in live to see, hear, and speak to visitors and pets inside your home. It’s like being at home even when you’re not.

Smart Light Switch

Light up your home in a smarter way with this smart Wi-Fi light switch. Control your lights, ceiling fans, and other fixtures from anywhere with the connected app. Use the timer or countdown schedules to set your smart switch to automatically turn on and off while you're home or away, and set custom lighting scenes to match any occasion.

Wi-Fi Plug

Turn electronics on and off in your home whether you’re there or not with this smart plug. You can set individual schedules and timers for devices connected to your plug. Control it from anywhere with the app - even when you’re out of town - so you never again have to worry about leaving devices running.

Ring Solar Pathlight

Get a brighter pathway powered by the sun. Install solar lights along your path that shine bright, warm light when motion is detected but otherwise stay dim. You could receive mobile notifications whenever motion is detected and adjust the lights’ brightness and other settings as well.

Water Sensor

Protect your home even when you’re not there. Connect the gateway to Wi-Fi, and monitor water leakage remotely. Because each water sensor will be named, you’ll clearly know where the leakage happened so you could deal with it in time.

Automatic Pet Feeder

Does your cat meow annoyingly at 3am when she’s hungry? Are you worried that you didn’t leave enough food for your puppy while you’re at work all day? Conveniently feed your pets from the comfort of your bed or anywhere else via the connected app. Keep their food dry and fresh, and set meal times to feed your pet at any time. You’ll get notices and alerts when the food bucket is low or empty so you know when it’s time to refill it.

Pet Camera

Say hello to your pet or catch them in the act when they’re up to no good even when you’re not home with this camera. With its full HD night vision, you can see your pet even in complete darkness. Never miss a moment keeping an eye on every angle of your home.

Robot Vacuum

If you want something to listen to your voice and clean for you, this is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Clean your hard floors and carpets without ever having to lift a finger with this robot vacuum. The multi-surface brushes grab everything from small dust to large debris for effortlessly clean floors.

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