How to speed up hot water heater?

Hot water is on patio, takes too long on cold days to get to bath bath water heater is outside...

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  • If it can't be moved inside, you could wrap it. They make special blankets for hot water heaters.

  • Dfm Dfm on Dec 26, 2017
    its not hard to wrap a water heater..but it does take 2 people to do it. You can get a prepackaged kit, or take the batt insulation and wrap it up. Wikihow has instructions.

  • 71729639726 71729639726 on Dec 27, 2017
    Also insulate the pipes to the house.and heat tape wouldn't hurt.

  • Jacx Jacx on Dec 27, 2017
    You need to get a wrapper for it, maybe 2. Just don't cover up the vent hole if it's gas. You might need to build an insulated screen for the winter. Dead air space is a great insulator.