Should the outside unit fan be turning when the heat is working?

When the electric furnace is on blowing heat and when it cuts off inside the house the fan on the unit outside is turning and blowing in cool air. My question is should he outside unit fan be turning at all when the heat is working doing the winter. I hope someone understand what I am asking before I call an heating company out.

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  • Melita Todd Melita Todd on Jan 26, 2019

    Sounds like you have a heat pump. Do you live in the South? I do and heat pumps don't like really cold weather. They are trying to catch up so to speak. Mine will be sending out warm air then you notice cold air. That's just what they do. If it's too cold I turn the thermostat up a notch. Seeing as how I grew up n the great northeast this heat pump business took me a while to get used to.

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    • Melita Todd Melita Todd on Jan 28, 2019

      I know. I hate that it runs all the time when it's cold but that's just the way they are. This week is going to be really bad weather cold wise, so hang on. What temp do you keep yours at? I keep mine at 71 and that seems to work well. I also have gas heaters that really help when the north wind blows.

  • What type of heating system do you have?