How do we verify the controls of our thermostat?


We just wrote a check for heat pump installation and the other parts to give us a full system. How do we go about testing the thermostat and any other checks to be sure we are not over or under using the system and any other operating tips? Thanks a thermal calorie, John

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  • Wow! While I am not familiar with that type of system, I would assume you were provided instruction by the installer including any warranty or guarantee information? What about an instruction manual? I would go to the manufacturers website and look up there. At least that is a start and give customer service a call too, if need be.

  • William William on Jan 30, 2019

    The installation company should walk you through the whole operating process qand answer any questiions you may have.

    • Valleycat1 Valleycat1 on Feb 02, 2019

      There are some heat pump forums online with some good q and a’s. If your contractor installs a lot of heat pumps, ask all your questions of them. But if they don’t seem knowledgeable, go to the forums.

  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on Feb 02, 2019

    John, Who put your heat pump in?? They should have given you this information.

  • Valleycat1 Valleycat1 on Feb 02, 2019

    Two suggestions:

    1. the electronics are sensitive to power surges. Our installer highly recommended a whole-house power surge protector on the main circuit breaker panel.
    2. This article and ya comments: