What is a more efficient heat source electric rad or box style heater?

my breeze way has a concrete floor, carpeted and still cold. its the furthers room from the furnace. all windows shrink wrapped, 4 in the walls and the 3 doors with windows. it functions as the coat room/ mud room.

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  • Reenaroc Reenaroc on Jan 04, 2018
    I love my Patton box heater. We bought it for the garage and it keeps it toasty if we want it to. Usually we keep it at a lower setting because we aren't out there much. It's pretty much just for my husbands motorcycles lol. Keeps the batteries from freezing etc. But anyway, you can set it to where it will come on when the temp drops in the breeze way. I can't explain very well but it has easy instructions. I have one in my office right now. I turned it on the lower temp setting #1 (has 1 & 2) Then I turned the fan dial about 1/2 way up. When my room reached the warmth that I wanted I slowly dialed the fan back down until it turned off. In that way the heater knows to come back on when my desired warmth has dropped. Anyway, I love it. I have a similar one in my Parrots room, this house is just way to cold in the winter for them. That unit is more stylish then the Patton but the Patton is more heavy duty and I'm sure it will last a lot longer. It also has the over heat function, shutting it's self off if it gets too hot & shutting off if it gets tipped. Just my opinion... They are reasonably priced, heavy duty, and efficient. Good Luck!

  • Inetia Inetia on Jan 04, 2018
    We paid $25 for a little Lasko that’s very efficient. Had great reviews. Use it in the LR to keep us warm by day and to reduced the time the furnace runs. Just hubby and me so we keep the rooms we don’t use closed off. It reduces the power bill moderately and keeps us much more comfortable.

  • Dolly Dolly on Jan 04, 2018

  • DeanHambly DeanHambly on Jan 04, 2018
    I use the oil filled radiator type heaters, they are silent and efficient. I have had them for several years, none of them have quit on me yet. When they are put in service there is no smell from dust burn off either.