This is a photo of the recent boiler Combi unit I installed.

This boiler makes both heat for two zones of baseboard and 0ne zone of radiant heat for the house. And makes the domestic hot water for two and one half baths. Cost? $8 grand. Took two days to remove old cast iron boiler and hot water heater, mount on wall, pipe and bleed out the air. Client loves it. Cannot hear it run, is 98% efficient and is warranted for 10 years. Only draw back is they must install a water softener system as the hard water will calcify to quick in the heater area and lower its ability to heat the water in an efficient manner.
NTI Combi boiler. Top of the line. Takes up a lot of wall space to install properly. Boiler heat exchanger is only as around as a five gallon bucket and deep as about one half the height of that same bucket. 110 lbs total.

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