Asked on Dec 03, 2017

Why am I getting an electric shock while touching my dishwasher?

Nothing has changed in my electrical house but just today when someone touch the dishwasher, without shoes on while standing on a concrete floor, she was shocked. How do I find the problem?

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  • William William on Dec 03, 2017

    Either the dishwasher is not grounded properly or the ground has become loose. Energizing the case if the dishwasher as a ground. Shoes act as an insulator so the shock won't be felt. But barefoot even with socks a the body becomes a grounding rod. Check the wiring in the dishwasher receptacle after cutting power to it. Could be the outlet is also bad.

  • Suellen Hintz Suellen Hintz on Dec 03, 2017

    There is a short somewhere. Safest thing is call an electrician.

  • Sallie Wolff Sallie Wolff on Dec 04, 2017

    Check that there are no loose wires touching you diswasher, with electric you do not want to take any chances as it may cause a fire. If you can pull out your dishwasher shut off electric to it then check wires for damage for wear or where a critter may have gnawed on the coating.

  • Gale Allen Jenness Gale Allen Jenness on Dec 04, 2017

    You can get a static shock at times, but if it’s anything more then a little snap then you have a short somewhere? Check your wiring in the box that usually located in the right hand lower corner underneath dishwasher! Also make sure your unit is grounded! Usually with a bare copper wire going to a screw painted or colored green! If your hot wire is touching metal on your dishwasher wiring box that would cause a short that would cause a shock! All connections should have wiring nuts and for good measure you can add a little electrical tape being sure to put tape on where your pulling your wiring but tighter as you put the tape on! ( wrap clockwise) Be sure your wires are connected well in their wire nuts. You can lightly tug on each wire while holding the wire but with your other hand and wiggle the wire a little to see if it’s firmly connected with the wire but and can not work loose! Also make sure black wires are with black wires on dishwasher and the same with white wires! If not wired correctly this too could give you a shock! Be sure to turn off the breaker before working on any electrical to avoid getting shocked too! Be careful and good luck

  • 17335038 17335038 on Dec 04, 2017

     to William for picking up on the bare feet in the original question, and offering a clear explanation to the problem.

  • Luca P. Gentile Luca P. Gentile on Dec 02, 2019

    In the apartment I rent, there is no earthing, it is legal because it is an old building.

    The building management company says this is not a problem.

    Few months ago, I have called the dishwasher´s electrician because I get strong electroshocks if I touch the dishwasher.

    The technician tested the machine and said it has no problems, he said that the problem is the electrical system and billed me 150 euros to tell me that.

    Now I wonder if the problem is only the earthing or if there may be something else?

  • Amir Hyman Amir Hyman on Jan 03, 2023

    There are a few possible reasons why you might be getting an electric shock while touching your dishwasher:

    1. Faulty wiring: If the wiring in the dishwasher is damaged or has been installed improperly, it can cause an electric shock when you touch the appliance.
    2. Grounding problem: If the dishwasher is not properly grounded, it can cause an electric shock when you touch it.
    3. Leaks or water damage: If the dishwasher has a leak or has been exposed to water, it can cause an electric shock when you touch it.

    To fix the problem, you'll need to identify the cause and take appropriate action. If you suspect that the problem is caused by faulty wiring or a grounding issue, you should have a professional electrician inspect the appliance and make any necessary repairs. If you suspect that the problem is caused by a leak or water damage, you'll need to repair the source of the leak and dry out any water that has accumulated inside the appliance.

    Remember to use caution when dealing with electrical appliances, as they can be dangerous. If you are not confident in your ability to fix the problem, it is recommended to hire a professional to repair the dishwasher.

  • Mogie Mogie on Jan 03, 2023

    If the dishwasher is off and you still get a voltage when you touch it, there could be an earthing fault with the electrical supply. In case of an earthing problem, even a malfunctioning appliance in your neighbour's house can give you an electric shock. Consult an electrician immediately.