Handyman MIA! Help!

I'm a single lady..(Beyonce song) - I need to have the blade sharpened on electric mower. I saw on U-tube I could DIY w/o taking off blade. I can buy a sharpener or file. However, there are many who say that will cause the mower to be off balance and damage it - the shaft? Of course, I could lift it up into the van and take it so a shop -

What's the expert concensus on DIY w/o taking off the blade???

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  • Pat Pat on Jun 30, 2018
    Can you take the blade off? Ace hardware will sharpen it for you and I imagine other hardware stores will do it...give them a call. Otherwise how about a lawn mover repair shop...maybe they have at-home service?

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    • Dana Dana on Jul 01, 2018
      Oh you said electric mower.. just unplug it . I think you’ll be right.

  • Dana Dana on Jul 01, 2018
    Remove the spark plug wire! Then give it a go. Careful please