How can I repair a leaning toilet?

My toilet has been leaning a little since having it reset a couple years back but has lately started looking more slanted than ever and this morning I found it was leaking around the flush handle. What is causing this issue? What do I need to do?? The floor seems okay, it diesn’t seem to give when I try to wiggle the toilet on it.

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  • Lifestyles Homes Lifestyles Homes on Oct 14, 2019

    I’d pull the toilet up and inspect for water damage. Under the edge of the finished floor. Water damage is a “sneaky culprit”.

    Before doing that, adjust the toilet float, so that the tank doesn’t fill so high, in case that’s where the water is leaking out.

    I would also observe the tank filling, so that you can see if the hose has split and it spraying at the handle area, while filling.

    Re-setting a toilet is not hard, it just requires strength and a second set of eyes - and of course a new wax ring.

    Buy some plastic toilet shims to address the uneven floor when the-setting.

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    • Either there is undetected floor damage or it was just a sloppy installation. I would reseat the toilet with a new wax ring, if that was is being used after a thorough inspection of the floor to make sure there is no damage. And don't call the same plumbers you used the last time.

  • William William on Oct 15, 2019

    Could be the floor is rotting away causing it to tilt. Or it was a bad install. I would reset it with a new wax ring. Also check to make sure the flange is even with the floor or no higher than 1/4".