Microwave vents question

Microwave over stove has vents that don't really suck in air any place. House will fill with smoke. Vent screens are clear of grease not vented through cabinet to roof. Help!!
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  • Kathy Drinkard Waite Kathy Drinkard Waite on Jun 15, 2017
    I have a hood fan that just recirculates air through two filters. You should have a carpenter check to see if that is really vented. It may not be. It has to have a run for the smoke and grease to travel through to be truly vented.

  • My best guess is that it was not installed properly. I would call an electrician to check it out. I have one and it sucks like crazy.

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Jun 15, 2017
    Oven smoke, stovetop smoke, or a spilled candle wax fire on the curtains smoke, none of it is good for you. Even in the middle of the day with your family spread throughout the house, one of you could die of smoke inhalation. Perhaps someone is taking a nap in a bedroom down the hall from the kitchen and the smoke is being pulled into the bedroom by the air conditioner or a box fan. Once overcome by the smoke, passing from sleep to unconsciousness, to death, it's too late to keep guessing about the stove vent. Call a professional. Good luck 😇

  • Pamela Rascoe Brown Pamela Rascoe Brown on Jun 15, 2017
    My microwave does not have a through the roof vent either. But, it does have a charcoal filter for the Vent it has. This does help.