When's the best time of the year to buy appliances like washer&dryers?

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  • Vondie Vondie on May 27, 2017
    Appliances? Such as washing machines, dryers etc. are all on sale during Memorial Day! Just purchased a new washing machine Fri. saving over $100.00 from the price it was all of Spring. Kept up with the ads, online and circulars, too. It doesn't hurt to get to know a sales-person. I got to know a great employee just by going to the store once monthly & letting him know I was on a budget. It helped to know he genuinely cared! Best of luck!

  • Carol Carol on May 27, 2017
    I find that just about any major holiday is a great time. We purchased our new refrigerator on Black Friday and saved over 400.00! If you can hold out until then you will find deep discounts.

  • David David on May 27, 2017
    August- September

  • Pretty much any major holiday or just before. I have picked up some awesome deals in early January as everyone has spent their cash on gifts over the holiday season.

  • John John on May 27, 2017
    also get great discounts for scratch and dent floor models or closeout models...recently bought a new french door fridge at home depot because of a small dent in a non visible area...saved $300 off regular price....call or go to your local store and see what they have....same goes for buying furniture....also try this trick: if you pay cash for a new washer---all you now have is a washer not worth what you paid for it---it's considered used merchandise or preowned...but if you buy a one year cd at the bank for $1000 (or whatever covers the cost of the washer), then use that cd for an equal amount loan from the bank you bought it at. The loan is secured by the cd so banks won't need to check your credit. take the loan money and buy the washer....make your payments on the loan--pay off as quickly as you can to avoid some interest...when the loan is paid off you get your cd back plus interest and you have a new washer.