Why is it now "raining" in my refrigerator?

The humidity gathers on the area on top and droplets drop heavily on the food. I have to keep everything covered. This is a 7 yr old top freezer. Otherwise all is well.

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  • AJ AJ on Sep 29, 2017
    Your seals need to be repaired or replaced. If it's warm enough to rain on your food it's not completely sealed when closed. It could be as simple as replacing the lining around the door/opening.

    • Cam21714060 Cam21714060 on Sep 30, 2017
      Thank you! I have been looking at that as it is visably deteriorating. Just didn't connect the two things.

  • Wow, that is one problem I have not had. This may be time to call the refrigerator repair pro.
    See if anything in these links help first.

  • MadameRã MadameRã on Sep 30, 2017
    You know I feel for you as my fairly new fridge of three years does this:::& why:::cause ALL to do with business responsibilities lays in the finest of fine print that comes with your warranty\\ & if smart one understands to purchase a separate warranty in today’s New Ordered world. As an estimate ALL ITEMS are made for no more than 3years, to 5, sometimes 6-7 due to buying a further warranty & if you did this then that will be the only time some rectification gets done, though don’t kid yourself as one must remain vigilant to rightfully get what was bought::: now under the usual system you can expect to be thrown all over the place// even within the company that designs//& if you find they have some assistance for their very deliberate construction that’s failing, you will be given a huge twisted story( that will sound plausible though if you dare to research what was said~& I do record important information as we are always being recorded even if you wish not to), you will discover the ‘ gobble talk’ that’s designed to scare, & usually works, thus bluff is today’s global business.

    I managed to solve my problem with cloths in the same vacinity of what was called SHAM WOWS, now you can find them in hardware stores under highly absorbing cloths ; usually used for paint spills/ or chemical, so to clean quickly.... what they do actually do is ABSORB well! I purchased a few, & they are quite large... I simply sprinkle bi-carb & pink rock salt in the centre of the cloth & roll up either side to reach the centre/ hold together with elastic bands. I did a few & placed them at the back of the fridge. The plastic vege door container I used one cloth for the lid only & attached with hat elastic(as you can make your own size elastic bands, & it’s thin & wont get in the way of closing...{This may vary though I guarantee you will find a way that works.} *Note, you do not have to place any extra ingredienes for the lid... Depending on your fridge, what you buy & a plethora of other real matters of life, I personally found that once every ten days I only needed to clean the fridge::: Now this is where you have your double up of cloths; repeat earlier actions stated & then place the used ones in your wash, ready to use again. Pending where you are, the costs for the cloths are worth it & they are not expensive considering repairs that will end up being many as something always gets found out~ the biggest argument that most can do a little relating to is the seals( to start with, then they form your trust.... sad but accept it, since digital everything businesses are MADE to operate differently or they will have No Business, that simple.)
    What is great about my idea is that when the tenth day comes to clean the cloths out, its also an excellent time to keep the fridge in check with what’s in it, and to keep it Cleaner,& as its being done regular then there is No build up of ‘crap’::: you all get that! TIP... slightly tip your fridge backwards using some pool noodles, find out how NOT any problems are to do with seals, even motor running...mmm I found this interesting though I have been a paid researcher investigator, & knowing to much can do your head in once you understand there is no actual justice for reasonable resolutions for good people... also know this that any little area one does not investigate for themselves buying ‘anything ‘ now in this Ordered digital world, it means one Grand thing for the selling perpetrators, they are no longer responsible, no one is except yourself thus you will be the one always having to pay. If you are fortunate & think your own lawyer will fix it, my advice is to do even more research as the Business of Law/& Legalities are just that; again not to help but if you wish to prove a point & have enough dosh to do so then by all means do try; I am sure many would be thankful. Please do one thing very important, don’t fall into getting to angry as getting ones health back to a good position as we are allowed to keep living on this planet,& adding the stress button to ON can & usually will make you sick// some cases it’s death for those realizing that not all is what it seems, with far to many things: sadly the biggest is people killing people on these meeting platforms.... the New secret version of extended mass genercide,& it’s happening daily to all ’types’ all over the globe. Well I could tell you more however I know this allowing of writing will be cut off soon, just another deliberate matter of fact..
    Truely wishing you wellness,& maybe my very good suggestion will work for you; especially if you are a person not scared of 15 minutes of cleaning work with your fridge every ten days…

  • Geew Geew on Sep 30, 2017
    Clean the seals, more than likely mildew/mold has built up and prevents the door from closing completely

  • Helena Helena on Sep 22, 2019

    If you see a similarity in the issues like in this article it is better that you call an expert, or give your device back to the store to take advantage of warranty repairs. She's clearly not okay.