Four Homeowner Heartbreaks

Owning a home is a lot like a long-term relationship. When things are good, it’s amazing! But a few missteps can really put a damper on the romance. Watch out for these all-too-common homeowner heartbreaks:
Paint Color Regret. Canary Yellow looked like a happy color in the store. But once it was covering your bedroom walls, it looked less “happy-yellow” and more “highlighter-massacre.”
Insurance Fails. If your home is hit with hail and flood damage simultaneously, are you covered? The answer may be no, due to an insurance term known as “anti-concurrent causation,” ...
Permanent Stains. Stains don’t truly become heartbreaking until you realize a few months after the fact that they’ve become a permanent décor addition to your living room.
Inspection Woes. When you’re shopping for houses, your #1 choice may look great, but unless you get a home inspection, problems could be lurking under the surface that you don’t know about.

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