An outside wall in my dining room looks like it's damp in the middle

It doesn't feel damp but the paint has bubbled and flaking off. It's an old house and well maintained. The patch is about 3 foot up and about 2 feet in total. Do you think if I painted the outside wall with silicone it would help?

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  • NO - find out where the water is coming from or why & fix it
    You may also want to check area with a moisture meter at different times to see when problem comes up

    • Lorraine waterworth Lorraine waterworth on Jan 04, 2018
      I think it is because we have had so much rain here in Ireland. The same thing happened in my bedroom outside wall and we painted silicon on it and it cured the problem. The thing is that the bedroom wall felt damp. This other wall doesn't. But the outside wall is plastered. Could this be the problem?

  • It could be if it doesn't have a way to dry which is forcing it inside. Painting it may solve the issue but if that isn't the full issue it would end up making it worse as it wouldn't be allowed to dry outside thus keeping the moisture in the wall assembly