Bathroom material

I am convinced that a change of material has occurred in my mothers apartment without her knowledge. The work doesn't make sense from an inexperienced persepective and I'm convinced it may have been the cause of wall damage.
q bathroom material
Replacement plate
q bathroom material
Original plate, I feel that the blueing here is background, replacement is foreground.
q bathroom material
Original plate, soon after photos when discovered, plate was switched. Is mirror material common for shower hardware.
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  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on Nov 03, 2017
    Sorry I can't make out your picture, and some information on what this item is.

  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Nov 03, 2017
    Not sure what material you are referring to.

  • Emily Emily on Nov 03, 2017
    Who would have changed something without your mothers notice and why would they do this? And exactly what do you think has been changed?

    • Lun31582344 Lun31582344 on Nov 03, 2017
      The pictures showing the corner, one picture has damage in the seams. Then, the first picture portrays mirror material instead of chrome

  • Pam Palmer Junkin Pam Palmer Junkin on Nov 03, 2017
    Maybe her mother lives in apt., etc. and she believes maintenance has come in and changed something trying to repair.??

    • Lun31582344 Lun31582344 on Nov 03, 2017
      It's my mother. I noticed entry without knowledge but nothing ever stolen or tampered with. Inspected bathroom and noticed small things, then the mirror plate in place of chrome. Why would mirror material be used for shower hardware. I'd think it would break and glass would get into the shower

  • I would be more concerned for her safety! Unauthorized visits are a no no in my book. Doesn't she notice? I would consider moving her.

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    • No, I have never, ever seen mirrors used as hardware. Whoever the maintenance people are - they are certainly not licensed or even smart. I would start making police reports and document everything. Report unauthorized entries to the landlord directly, not some manager or management company, as typically they are the wrongdoers without the owners knowledge or consent.

  • Lun31582344 Lun31582344 on Nov 03, 2017
    I believe the 2 pictures of the corner of the plates are different material i.e. unauthorized work/visitor

  • Michelle Michelle on Nov 05, 2017
    I invest in a nanny cam turn it on when she leaves apt

  • Michele Pappagallo Michele Pappagallo on Nov 06, 2017
    Not sure if it just the picture quality, or what....but all three just look like shiny chrome hardware that needs a good cleaning. It looks as if it has quite a lot of soap scum and build up. Try cleaning it thoroughly and see if it doesn't come out shiny and silver like standard chrome.

  • Michele Pappagallo Michele Pappagallo on Nov 06, 2017
    I also forgot to mention....someone should repair that cracking grout before water seeps behind the wall and causes major damage. Is it possible that your mom isn't able to keep up with some of the maintenance issues...and they are starting to get bad?

  • Pat Ruge Pat Ruge on Nov 06, 2017
    Why not just ask the landlord? Start with a soft statement i.e. "I noticed a repair in the bathroom tiling. Did you do that?" If he thinks you are about to give him/her a compliment, more likely to answer honestly. Then you can tell him to never again enter the apartment without advance notice. Let him know this made your mother and you very uncomfortable and that safety is of upmost importance to you. Go so far as to say if it happens again, you will move your mother out. First, however, you need to get an honest answer. Record the conversation if you can.

  • Erin Erin on Nov 06, 2017
    Looks like it’s leaking.