Blocking out noise

We live in an apartment building and our bedroom is their living room constant TV blaring, is there something we can do without drasticly changing things as we rent

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  • Cindy Cindy on Dec 04, 2017
    If you haven't already done this, place you bed on another wall. In order to buffer the noise I would normally suggest putting carpet squares on that wall. But, since this is not an option for you, perhaps you should hang a carpet on the wall. I hope this helps you.

  • Clair Clair on Dec 04, 2017
    Depends on how much $ you can spend, / how much work you want to do.
    Go to a car audio shop, the places that sell & install expensive sound systems into your vehicle. They sell a thing there, called DynoMat (I think that is the name of it). It sound proofs vehicles, so you don’t drive down the street irritating everybody in town, but you can still blast music in your vehicle. (One of my sons worked at this place & I learned about it). Then, cover that with a flat carpet (they have superflat carpets, Walmart even has them, carpet stores call it commercial carpet), or maybe just a coat of paint? I don’t know. It looks like aluminum foil on the outside, although it is thin & effective. It is also expensive, but look into it.
    If you’re willing to give up 3 inches of space, line the wall with egg cartons, cover it with carpet or fake wall (refrigerator cartons from an appliance store, painted?) after that. Cheaper, tackier, depends on how you decorate.
    good luck!

  • Cindy Hagemann Cindy Hagemann on Dec 04, 2017
    Here's a link with some ideas that might work for you. Sound will bounce off hard surfaces, so adding anything soft on the walls would help.

  • Judy Judy on Dec 04, 2017
    In that case, ear plugs would be Make sure your alarm is turned up LOUD, before you go to bed, best wishes, J.

  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Dec 04, 2017
    Have you talked to them? Do they know how loud their TV is in your bedroom? I would start there. One way to muffle the noise would be to hang foam on that wall in some way. If you have room for a bookcase, you could put the foam behind that to absorb some of the noise. If all fails, then, I think you should talk to the landlord. After all, you are paying to live in that apartment and you have the right to a relatively quiet home. Wishing you the best.

  • Dmholt4391 Dmholt4391 on Dec 05, 2017
    Google it.

  • Gale Allen Jenness Gale Allen Jenness on Dec 05, 2017
    i lives next to a 6 lane hey for years that was extremely noisy! If you can’t beat them, join them! Go buy a noise generator that has sounds of the ocean, rain, birds chirping, etc! Play the sound you like the best to sleep to loud enough to drown out your neighbors TV ! Or you could always get ear plugs! Lived in apartments myself years ago, hated it with a passion! Neighbors are rarely respectful nor polite! Neighbor pissed me off one night and I grabbed my 32oz plate framing hammer and pounded on the floor as hard as I could! That shut them up for the rest of the night! LOL Sometime with some neighbors you got to show them you can be just as nasty and disrespectful as they are and then some!