Best way To caulk top and the bottom of the tub to prevent leaks?

  3 answers
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jun 14, 2018
    what exactly are you asking ,to replace the sealer

  • Diane ndfan Diane ndfan on Jun 15, 2018
    Yes the seal I am sorry

  • NotHermione NotHermione on Jan 17, 2019

    Depending on the width of the gap, you can buy rolls/boxes of that sealant material. Have not used. My gaps were too wide to use this. Had to use caulk backer 'rope' and bathroom caulk with Microban. Use a wet finger to make a nice looking seal. There is a tool you can buy to make a nice edge. Don't know if it's big enough for a wider than normal gap.