How do I replace a wall?

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  • Interior wall? Exterior wall? Garden wall? Where?

  • Gk Gk on Oct 20, 2019

    Yes Cheryl! Tell us what wall you want or need to replace!

  • Cheryl Cheryl on Oct 20, 2019

    Its interior wall, well actually almost all of them. I just wanted to start in ONE area fix it and move forward. Water damage

  • You need to take it down to the studs and inspect for mold and any structure damage. As long as there is no mold, and the studs are structurally sound, you can replace sheetrock and move on to the next area.

    But that is a perfect case scenario.

    Should there be any mold, you need to call in the pros, mold remediation is regulated by the EPA and only qualified, licensed contractors can do the work. Fines are hefty if codes are not adhered to. And if there is mold, you need to do the entire house in one shot, this is not piecemeal work.

    Don't want to burst your bubble, just let you know what you are potentially looking at by starting this project. Not knowing what your DIY skills are, think twice, as it may be best to hire a contractor.

    A family in my neighborhood decided to do a project like this on their own and it failed miserably. They are now in jail, kids with relatives, pets surrendered and they lost the house. A flipper picked it up from the bank for pennies on the dollar. Yes, an extreme case, don't let this be you. If budget is a concern, seek out your HUD office, they have programs that can help you.